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LearnAI.TV, a brand of Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC, provides free training, education, and entertainment videos on the topics of artificial intelligence, data ethics, data science, generative AI and more. These videos are designed to help individuals gain the knowledge required to begin a career in this exciting field.

Please use the form below to provide feedback on our shows. We also welcome sponsorships and opportunities for mutually-beneficial collaboration. Contact us if you're a AI, machine learning, data ethics, or data science experts interested in being a podcast guest.

We are continually seeking partner publishers to host high-quality educational video series.  Contact us if you have existing content you'd like to see hosted on LearnAI.TV.

Cyber Security Training and Consulting LLC

Attention: LearnAI.TV

Phone: 888-PHX-CYBR | 480-653-9383 | 602-821-5131


Tax ID: 83-2731803
CAGE Code: 8E2S7
Unique Entity ID: ND2WYWTVK167

Dun & Bradstreet: DUNS: 116921448

Physical Address:

245 W. 2nd Street

Suite 033

Mesa, AZ 85201

Mailing Address:

135 N. Center


Mesa, AZ 85211

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